From Roadkill To Radiance: 3 Keys For Renewing Your Body And Soul After A Hellish Year

Music for Love & Hope

A Love Affair With Yourself

The Seven Forms Of Fear

Musical Set With Rising Appalachia

Letting Go: Mourning the Loss of a Plan

Reclaim Your Wholeness

You Are The Artist Of Your Life

Prana Flow Yoga Practice

Awakening the Power of the New Human Story

Music for Horizontal Listening

Clarity and Courage

Mayan Prayer

Creating a Sustainable Economy That Works for Everyone

Cultivating Spiritual Resilience for Challenging Times

How a Culture of Peace Advances Inner Oneness & Outer Diversity

Bridging the Worlds

Pleasure Is A Force Of Renewal

Goddess Oshun's Secrets

Receive a custom Tarot Reading for 2021 with Amanda Yates Garcia

Open the Door to Your Inner Sanctuary

Sonic Liberation

Gateways Of Joy

Music with Devaa Haley Mitchell

The Art Of Aliveness: A Creative Return To What Matters Most

Music With John Butler

Inspiration for Intuitive Creativity

Music With Chali 2na

The Emergence of a New World

The Role You Play to Recalibrate the World

Zulu Nation Prayer

What Matters Most: Creativity And Renewal

Musical Set With Alice DiMicele

5 Essential Practices of Radiant Lotus Qigong

Māori Prayer & Mantra

The Fire Of Generosity

From Fear To Freedom: Finding The Natural Confidence To Speak Up

You Are Enough

Create Global Shifts With YOUR Inner Transformation

Spirit Writing & Oracle Reading

Conjure Your Bold Vision for 2021 with the Astro Twins

Ceremony to Release the Old Paradigm

The Importance of Investing in Children Through Education

Ecuadorian Wisdom

The Art Of Resilience

Vision From the Wisdom of Your Heart

Collective Clearing Ritual

Andean Prayer

Music With Rob Garza

Cacao Ceremony: A Message From the Mayas

2021: The Year Of Union

Uniting Spirituality And Activism As A Life Practice

Glean Intuitive Insights for 2021 with Tiffany Janay

Shifting Hollywood With Multicultural Collaboration

Get Down & Dance It Out

The Spiritual Awakening: We're Not in Trouble, We're In Transition

Crystal Sound-Bath Healing

Musical Set With East Forest

Music With Desert Dwellers

Somatic Dance for Letting Go

Remembering the Goddess Within

Walking Between The Worlds

Solstice Ritual: Honoring Loss and the Rebirth of the Light

Acoustic Set by Michael Franti

How Impact Investing Can Help You Align With Your Values & Uplift Humanity

Music With Zap Mama

A New Vision of Community

Musical Set With Taimane

The Pleasure Current

Mastering Freedom

Music for Interesting Times

Musical Set With Dustin Thomas

Musical Set With Porangui

Spirit Writing & Oracle Reading

Indigenous Greenlandic Prayer

Live Pain Free With These 3 Steps

Two Vital Elements of Leadership to Thrive In Business

Music Like You’ve Never Heard Before

Music With Mike Love

Archetypal Astrology of the Solstice

Join a Groove Dance Party

Grounding in the New Normal

Musical Set With The Reminders & Antoine Zamundu

Toltec Prayer

Opening Ceremony

Aboriginal Prayer

Reality Starts In A Dream

Life In Full Bloom

Cacao Ceremony: A Message from the Mayas

Renewing Your Trust In The Current Of Yourself

Binaural Bliss

Prayer to Oshun

Musical Set With Daniel Rodriguez

Infinite Tears music video

Creating Social Change Through Personal Fulfillment

Where Earth Sings

Song & Ritual for Grounding With Mother Earth

Honoring Loss & the Rebirth of Light

The Magician's Toolbox

Astrology of 2021

The Prophecy of the 21st Century

The Keys to Awakening to True Happiness

Reinventing Humanity by Taking a Stand for What's Possible

Simple & Profound Breathwork Meditation

The Transformational Power of Relationships

Prana Flow Pranam

Māori Prayer & Mantra

Eyes & Heart Wide Open

Creating the Future You Want

Connecting With Your Illuminated Core

What It Means to Have an Empowerment Vision for 2030

Musical Set With Ayla Nereo

Musical Set With Bonnie Paine And Bridget Law

Solstice Prayer

The Art Of Breath And Mudra

Bringing Back the Light

Performance by Forestt

Rise Up & Open Your Heart

Breathwork For Regeneration

Musical Set With Kristin Hoffmann

Shift Through Sound & Love

Musical Set With Ani Difranco

Peace or Pieces: The Choices Before Us at This Point in Time

The Climate Crisis: How Do We Move Forward?

Sonic Illumination

Aboriginal Prayer

Druid Solstice Offering

The Power of Transcendence Through Nonviolence & Community

How to Become a World Changer

The Body As A Way In

Binaural Beats From The Inside Out

The Mindful Approach to Healing Racism

The Key to Living Your Dharma: Letting Go of the Approval of Others

Collective Clearing Ritual

Engineering a Global Paradigm Shift Through Radical Integration

Re-Vitalizing The Body

The Key to Living Your Dharma

Andean Prayer

Lakota Prayer

Activate Your Third Ear

Celebrate With a Hip Hop Legend

Tuning in to Truth

Astrology of the Weekend of Winter Solstice

How to Use Digital Media to Redesign Our World

3 Principles to Facilitate Global Collaborations & Peace

The Rise of Women & Dorothy's Journey Through Oz

Simple & Profound Breathwork Meditation

Rise Of Divine Feminine Intelligence

Improving Education by unMASKING Healthy Relationships

Musical Set With Srikala

Transformational Messaging to Create Real Change

Musical Set With California Honeydrops

The Whole Body Instrument

Musical Set With MaMuse

Musical Set With Zap Mama

Music with Taimane

Gateways Of Joy: Indigenous Wisdom For Working With Your Dreams

Music with FORESTT

Karnak Temple Ritual

Love as Medicine

Fear or Love: We have a choice

Energy Medicine and Quantum Self-Healing with The Energy Codes

Born a Healer

How to Instantly Change Your Energy & Take Charge of Your Life

Precision Moving Forward on Solid Ground

The Wisdom of Ayurveda

The Power of Silence & Himalayan Singing Bowls

You Are Already Healed

The Way of the Mystic in The Sufi/Islamic Tradition

Emotional Alchemy: Become Free to Flourish

Tap Into Your Inner Calm

The Remarkable Vagus Nerve!

Ancestral Help and Healing Tools For An Anxious World

Spiritual Growth & the Enneagram

Let's Talk About Healings and Miracles!

Qigong Energy Healing with Nature and the Cosmos

Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Method, & Their Applications to Self-Image and How The Somatic Project Has Changed During The Last 50 Years

The New Era That Humanity Is Entering

Origin Soul Mending: You, Your Higher Self, Your Soul Pod & Split Incarnations on Earth, Interplanetary, and Angelic Realm

Empathic Types & Enneagram Types

How the Body Code Uncovers Root Causes of Discomfort in Body and Spirit

The Radiant Power of Women United in Qigong Practice

The Enneagram's 9 Paths

How Somatic Movement Can Help Us Achieve Global Transformation

The Magic of Heart-Focused Breathing

Resolving Stress With Ayurveda

How Your Mind Impacts Your Mental & Physical Health

Amplify Your Leadership by Leading From the Inside Out

Visiting the Other Side in Dreams and Journeys

Somatic Focusing: The Art of Paying Attention and Ethics of Flow

Qigong - The Art of Paying Attention

Qigong to Cultivate Conscious Evolution

Releasing Trauma With Body Awareness & Breathwork

Connecting With The Past to Heal Your Future: Relationship Repair Beyond the Veil

Qigong: Get Into Your Flow

Anti-Racism and The Enneagram: Searching for the Heart of Humanity

Reclaiming Forgotten Women

Repairing Energetic Boundaries for Empaths

Moving Beyond Trauma, Touching Your Potential

Differential Treatment of Anxiety: Treating the Person not just the Disease

Dynamic Healing With The Lymphatic System

Ripened Narcissism — The Way of The Mystic

Healing Through Sound: Building The Circuitry of Unconditional Love With The Vibrations of Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls f

Sound Healing & Neural Coherence

Introduction to The Nocturnal Meditations

How the Vibration of Words, Sound & Intention Can Rewire Our Brains & Heal Our Hearts

How to Recognize Hallmark Indicators of the 9 Enneagram Types

From the Cosmic to the Subatomic: Scientific Basis for the Existence of the Soul, Spirit Communication & The Afterlife

Re-Set your Nervous System for Health

How to Use Your Empathy to Support You

Turning to Thomas Merton as Our Guide in Contemplative Living

Mind Over Matter

Joy, Play, and Letting Go

Embodied Imagination: Dreamwork as Alchemy

The Importance of Love and Safety

The Art of Sacred Sound Rituals for Personal & Global Transformation

Reality is Your Best Friend! Finding The Unsuspected Dynamics of Your Issues Portrayed in Your Dreams

Awakening Kundalini Into Higher Consciousness

The Spontaneous Transformation Formula: Uncovering the Real Reason Why You're Where You Are

Entrain Your Brain, Tune Your Chakras & Balance Your Biofield

Activating the Healer Within You

Forgetting & Remembering: The Relationship Between Holy Ideas & Type Fixations

Your Body’s Language & the Causes of Illness

COVID-19: Opportunities, Strategies and Challenges for Individuals and Society

Perspectives on Healing, Consciousness, and The Biofield

The Ancient Somatic Practice of Qigong

Real Mediumship: The Grounded and Evidential Approach

Lessons From a Near-Death Experience

Qi Gong & the Art of Effortless Flow

The Dharma of Sacred Sound Healing: Navigating Uncertainty

Frequency Beacons: How to Bridge Your Divide With The Other Side

The Healing Power of Lucidity

Shifting Your Energetic Inheritance With the Energy Codes

How Sound Heals

Embracing Your Fear Spirit in a Friendly Manner

Calming the Nervous System: Small Steps to Release Stress and Help in Trauma Recovery

Ways to Transform Politics Into Something We're Proud Of

Kindness, Compassion and Understanding: The Hidden Jewel in Illness

The Dreaming Earth

Qigong, Chronic Pain and the Science of Coping

The Three Spiritual Lineages of the Ancestral Field: Shaking the Family Tree

Rolling, Reaching & Moving

How Attention Remodels Your Brain

Your Intuitive Brain

Breathwork in Cancer: Resilience, Symptom Reduction & Immune Support

The Enneagram: Personality, Temperament, and Essence

Kundalini and The Healing of Life-s Addictions

Breathing Peace Into Trauma & Daily Life

Top Herbs Used Since Ancient Times For Lucid Dreaming

Emotional Freedom! How Being Emotionally Expressed Through Movement and Sound Will Change Your Life

Laughter, Love & Life with the Enneagram

How to Clear Ancestral Imprints in Your Spiritual DNA

Love in Action

The Healing Power of Overtones

The Whole Language: The Power of Extravagant Tenderness

Cultural Mysticism: The Marriage of Inner and Outer Science

Kundalini Awakening: The Essentials

Breathing With Children for a Life of Love

Retrieving Destiny: The Shaman's Art of Future Tracking

Your Body Loves the Sound of Your Own Voice

Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome

The Beauty of Becoming: Teilhard and Bruteau's Vision for a Participatory Mystical Revolution

Your Intuition Is the Greatest Gift to Healing

We Are The Technology We've Been Waiting For

Kundalini: The Sacred Power Within

Clearing The Pathway For Healing and Policing In America

The Great Goodness of The Little Way: A Dialog

A Heritage of Joy

Breath as Prayer: A Way to Connect You to the Inner and the Outer Light

Bliss Brain

Dreaming the Soul Back Home

The Role of Somatics for Everyday Resilience

Ancient Qigong Sound Healing for Emotional Wellbeing

Truly Holistic Plant Medicine

Your Sensitivity Is a Gift, Not a Burden

Awareness Through Movement: The Key to Vitality and Resilience

Life Lessons From the Dead

Returning Home with Somatic Groundwork

Chanting Into Your Joy and Peace

The Tao and Qi

Lessons for Today From The 1918 Influenza Pandemic

Evolving Consciousness: Demystifying the Mystical

Ancestors: Your Reservoir of Loving Support

Uplifting The Human Spirit: Accessing The Intelligence of The Heart

The Secrets to Happiness for No Reason

Tai Chi Meditation to Awaken the Healing Energy Within

What Ayurveda Tells Us About Epidemics

Aligning With Your True Self

Transformative Lucid Dreams & Nightmares: Spiritual and Healing Gifts for A Fearless Life

How to Transform Stress Into Vitality With Qigong

Sounding All of Our Notes for Health

Functional Breathing for Total Wellness

Two Powerful Systems of Wholeness Meet and Co-Create: Internal Family Systems and the Enneagram

How to Channel and Why

Three Key Cultivations of Qigong for Optimum Health

Living on Heaven Earth: A Divine and Eternal Connection Through Music, Energy, Sound Vibration and Light

Shakti, Sound and Healing: The Power of the Biofield

Celebrate the Divine Animal

Restorative & Healing-Centered Education: Supporting a Paradigm Shift

Growing Big Dreams: How Dreaming Can Get You Through and Help You Manifest Your Heart's Desires

Your Voice Is Medicine for Your Nervous System

Self-Care for Empaths & Sensitive People

Preventing and Treating Respiratory Tract Infections the Natural Way

Allowing Kundalini Awakening

Receiving the Blessings of the Ancestors So You No Longer Have to Go it Alone in Life

The Tantric Origins of Kundalini Shakti

Coherent Breathing, Circulation, Brainwaves & Consciousness

40-years of Understanding Near-Death Experiences: My Inner and Outer Journey

Prayer & Healing for Future Generations & All of Creation

An Equinox Meditation to Balance and Calm

Bridging the Art and Science of Qigong and Tai Chi

Chakras, Charge, and the Energy Body

The Medicine Bag: Shamanic Rituals & Ceremonies for Personal Transformation

Kundalini: Accessing the Flow of Grace

Hildegard of Bingen, A Green Mystic and Prophet, A New Saint and Doctor of The Church and Renaissance Woman

Rediscover and Reawaken Your Magical Heritage

Herbs for Deep Sleep & Lucid Dreaming

Unlocking Metabolic Flow: Harness the Power of Breath, Brain, Bile, and Boundaries

Mindfulness In Nature as a Practice of Resilience, Joy, Insight and Peace

Discover the Healing Language of Your Ancestors

Learn to Speak Your Body’s Language: Self-Healing Using Energy Dialogue

Somatic Groundwork: A Movement Meditation for Natural Be-ing

Mystical Experience

Understanding The Passions and Virtues As Keys to Growth

The Spiritual Force: Demystifying Kundalini

Understand the Power of How Your Attachment Style Impacts Your Relationships

Energy Medicine for Greater Health, Vitality, and Resilience

Trauma and The Body

A Healing Journey To Clear 7 Generations of Core Blocks

Viral Chronic Fatigue, Herpes and Epstein-Barr

A Journey from Structural Bodywork to Functional Somatic Education

Listening to the Six Wisdom Areas of the Body

Awakening to the Dreamlike Nature of Reality

Energy Is Sound: Identifying Your Vital Tone

Walking Between the Worlds

Unconditional Kindness to Ourselves and Others in Challenging Times

Awakening to Your Life Purpose, Discovering Your Life Plan

Intelligent Gut, Empowered Mind

Erotic Blueprints: The Journey From Conditioned Identity To True Erotic Essence

Wake Up Your Qi

Opening to Forgiveness

Your First Language is the Language of Movement

Connecting With Loved Ones Across the Veil

From Shame to Strength With the Power of Breath

Secrets of Tai Chi Practice

Becoming a Medical Intuitive

Swimming in the Mystery

The Emotion Code: Future Medicine Now

The Challenges and Rewards of Being Sensitive

The Four Wealth Profiles and 9 Wealth Levels (according to a 5,000 yr old text)

The Role of Somatic Movement in Global Transformation

Get a Guided Visualization to Re-balance All the Energy Centers in Your System!

The Preponderance of the Evidence

Healing for Empaths & Sensitives

Herbal Allies for Navigating Turbulent Times

Developing the Dan Tian for Nei Gong

Qigong & COVID-19: Healing Now & Later

The Wisdom of Uncertainty: Life as a Sacred Initiation

Inviting Pleasure and Power Through Movement

Pre-Columbian & Contemporary Approaches to Dealing With Epidemics & Pandemics

The Path of the Heart

Discover Your True Nature with Chinese Face Reading!

True Self, False Self: Psychological Spiritual Perspectives

A Most MisUnderstood Mystic

Being an Empath Is Your Superpower!

Supporting Immunity With Tibetan Medicine

Healing Through Rhythm

Quantum Shift Your Reality With Sound

The 7-Day Emotional Tour

Cultivating Inner Peace

Creating a Spiritual Team for Success

Total Energy Renewal

Stand Upright & Claim Your Birthright

Grounding & Energy Clearing

Healing the Mother Wound

Mini-Tunings to Raise Your Voltage

Plant Medicine for Healing & Vitality

Aligning With Your Warrior Goddess Self

7 Steps to Illuminating Confidence from the Inside Out

Dreaming Your Dream to Life

Meditations to Reconnect & Realign

Awakening Your Sacred Pleasure

Improve Your Life With Qigong

Racial Healing & Truth Telling

Awakening the Power of the New Human Story

Your Purpose as an Empath

Breaking Free of Limited Ideas About Life & Possibility

Tap Into Your Underlying River of Love

The Real Meaning of the Placebo Effect

How Imaginal Healing Works

A Conscious Breath Is Worth a Thousand Breaths

What Is Qigong & Why Is It Healthy?

Unlock Your Visioning Power With 3 Simple Daily Practices

Healing the Mother Wound

How to Open Yourself to the Bliss of the Universe

Overcoming Time & Distance to Enter the Eternal NOW

The Spiritual Roots of the Enneagram

Uplifting Crystal Singing Bowl Bath

Why It's Time to Quantum Shift Your Reality

Joy Breathing

Crystal Singing Bowl Bath

Surprising Science of the Brain

Paying Attention to What Fuels You

Tapping into the Rhythm of Intention with the Moon

Transformation Through Drumming

Grounding & Centering to Visualize Justice

Inner Sun Radiance Practice

Clear a Block That Holds You Back

The Incredible Secret of Humanity's Destiny

Calm Your Nervous System With Your Senses

EFT Tapping to Release Emotional Triggers

Fire-Breathing to Ignite Your Inner Fire

Healing Sound for Heart-Joy

Awaken to Abundance

Lean Into a Waterfall of Light

Try the Stress-Interrupt & Freedom Technique

Explore the Power of Self-Sensing

Claiming Your Sacred Space as a Woman

Feel the Rightness of Taking Up Space

Belly Breathing to Reset & Nourish

What Prevents Women From Receiving the Best in Men

Flood Your Cells with Light

Book of Life Meditation

Discover the Healing Power of Devotional Chanting

Waking Up Your Brain for New Possibilities

Cultivate the Grace of a Cat With Tai Chi

Sacredness of Woman

How to Make a Wrong a Right

How Your Money Wounds Started

Discover Your Money Type

Ditch Your Sneaky Saboteur

Tune Your Third Eye

Breathing to Balance the Sacred Feminine & Masculine

Dream With the Soul of the World

Awaken From Our Shared Dream

Your Brain on Drums

Try 3-Stage Silent Body Singing

The Dream Weave of Bee Shamanism

Call on the Sacred 7 Rays

Connect Deeply With Mother Earth

Guided Meditation for Tranquility & Inspiration

Welcome Your Soul Home to You

Your Celestial Wishing Tree

Relationships & Spirituality

Somatics to Relax & Heal

Quick Kundalini Yoga to Calm Your Nervous System in Stressful Times

Take a Shamanic Journey to Your Sun Sign

Golden Rooster Standing on One Leg

Ground Yourself With These Beautiful Singing Bowls

Sword-Finger Qigong

Tracing Your Channels

Play in the Realm Your Voice Longs For

Ask Your Coffee Cup a Question

Quick Coherence Technique

Chakra Medicine to Ignite Your Inner GPS

Magical Activist Tree Meditation

Body Scan to Heal the Cause of Pain

Tap Into the Ground of Consciousness

What's Calling You Behind the Magic Door?

Heart-Breath Alchemy

Sun Sipping to Ignite Your Body’s Sacred Temple

Clear Your Path to Leadership in Crucial Times

Ask for Guidance From Your Dreams

Qigong Practice to Clear Your Digestive Track

The Womb of Dreaming

Open Your Central Channel

Own the Power of Your Dreams

Meet the Spirits of Ayahuasca & San Pedro

Nurture Your Womb

Throat-Chakra Clearing to Set Boundaries

Balance Your Masculine & Feminine Energy

Journey Into the Temple of the Magdalene

Shift a Life Issue With the Power Pathway

Change How You Live & Move in Your Body

Dreaming the Future You Long For

The Healing Powers of Psilocybin Mushrooms

Surrender the Situation to the Hands of God

The Mysterious Intelligence of Heartbreak

Find Your God Spot

Soothe Your Whole Being With Somatics

Turn Your Body Into an Altar

Open Your Mythic Imagination With Drumming

Feel the Prayer of Saint Francis

Listening to the Unseen World

Harmonize Your Energy With the Power of Crossovers

Balance Your Front & Back Body

Heart Freedom Meditation

Humming as a Mindfulness Practice to Center Yourself

Wake Up to Your True Self With This Beautiful Meditation Practice

Dive Back Into Your Favorite Dream

Energy Medicine: The Acrobat’s Pole

Paint the Walls with Your Body

Move Your Lymph to Reduce Your Stress

Dream Symbols of the Wild Woman

Embody the Love You Are

Let Go of Grief With Qigong for Your Lungs

Release Your Family’s Money Wounds

Enter the Temple of the Wise Woman

The Temple of Your Sovereignty

Journey to a New Perspective of Your Life

Coca-Leaf Offering to Pachamama

Music to Turn Deadlines into Lifelines

Tap Into the Rhythm of Vitality With This Drumbeat

Tai Chi for Your Heart & Lungs

What Do You Plan to Do With Your One Wild & Precious Life?

Resolve Triggers to Restore Your Energy & Joy

Honor Feminine Power With This Ancient Mantra

Get Guidance From the World Around You

How Do We Heal Division?

Cultivate Visionary Dreams

Energy Medicine to Balance Your Nervous System

Healing the World

How to Bring Healing to Your Family

Tap Into the Power of the Unity Ray

Experience HighSpeed Healing

Find More Freedom in Your Body

The Sacredness of Tree Medicines

5 Steps to Rebalance Your Energy Field

Meditate With Your Wildness

Weed or Medicine? This Plant Is Everywhere!

Qigong to Sweep & Clear the Dantians

Awaken the Somatic Intelligence Within You

Activate Your Inner Observer

Experience a Heart-Opening Chant

Improve Relationships With the Shift and Lift™

Bow at the Altar of Impermanence

Shift Your Movements, Shift Your Habits

Meditation for Shamanic Journeying

What the Enneagram Teaches About Love

The Tantric Breath of Fire

Transform Heavy Energy Into Love

Fill Yourself With Luminous Light

Discover Your Sacred Second Mind

Interpret Your Dreams With the Jet Set Formula

Bless Yourself in the Cave of Quietness

Mantra to Open Your Heart

Vastness of the Universe Meditation

Harmonize Your Yin & Yang With Qigong

What's Your Breathing Pattern?

Appreciate the Miracle of Being Alive

Money-Wounds Healing Meditation

Breathing to Clear Fog & Overwhelm

Clear Your Mind With Xi Breathing

Water Ceremony to Infuse Your Cup With Prayer

Mother's Helper: An Energy Exercise

Deep Sleep Solution

Slow Down Your Mind With Circular Breathing

Receive Blessings From Your Ancestors

The Fire Triangle to End Injustice

Give Yourself a Waterfall of Love

Is Bee Consciousness Calling You?

Call on the Power of the Elements

2 Relaxing Qigong Movements to Clear Your Energy

Reclaim YOU With Sound, Breath & Vibration

Qigong to Deepen Your Connection

Anchor Yourself in a Stabilizing Sphere

Try Pandiculation to Ease Tension!

How to Embody a Healing Dream Sensation

Andean Wisdom to Help You Be of Service

Expand Your Awareness With the 3 Minds

Explore the Axis of the 3-D World

7 Manifestation Principles & Your Chakras

Transmute Anxiety With Tapping

Deep Connection With the Radiant Bridge

Heart Meditation to Find Your Purpose

Getting Unstuck With the Power Pathway

Refocus Your Energy

What Women Don’t Know About Men

Breathe to Ease Anxiety

Discover How to Move Beyond Betrayal

Step Up to All of Who You Are

Energy Medicine to Protect Yourself From Viruses & Pollution

Meditation to Alleviate Anxiety

Soothe Your Vagus Nerve for Deep Peace

The Difference Between Fear & Intuition

Heart Journey to Find Your Path

Pre-Birth Planning Guided Meditation

Prosperity Meditation

EFT to End Your Relationship With Scarcity

How Does Your Soul Feel About That?

Guided Visualization for Grounding & Connecting

Childhood Connection With the Sacred

Breathing to Restore Peace

4 Phases of the Moon & a Woman’s Life

Shake It Out

Qigong to Light Up Your Healing Power

Are Your Dreams Literal or Symbolic?

Self-Care Tips for Empaths

Resolving a Hopeless Situation With Miracles & Peace

Send Your Ancestors Healing Light

Chant to the Divine Goddess

See Yourself Living Your True Purpose

3 Secrets to Heal Your Relationship With Money

Loving Relationships & Your Heart

Shift Your Reality by Shifting Your Energy

How to Breathe in Bliss

Transform a Personal Regret

Shake Free of Stress

Your Words Have Way More Power Than You Might Think

How to Connect With Your Spirit Guides

The Power of a Sigh of Relief

Feel the Flow of Your Craniosacral Rhythm

Open Your Connection with the Spirit World

Ground With Energy Medicine Yoga

Qigong to Embrace the Present Moment

Melatonin Booster for Deep Sleep

Sexual Qigong to Liberate Hormones

Qigong to Immerse Yourself in the 3 Treasures

A Mental Reset Is Just a Drumbeat Away

Get Grounded With Energy Medicine Yoga Tuning

Transform Anxiety Into Calm

Liberate Your Unique Soul’s Voice

Unleash Your Secret WildWoman Desires

Toltec Secrets of These Turbulent, Sacred Times

Fall in Love With Your Whole-Body Instrument

The Lotus Lift Meditation

Healing Sound for Women's Empowerment

Tapping Into Your Warrior Goddess Energy

Your Own Personal Book of Wonders

Guided Practice to Heal the Mother Wound

Breathe to Break Through Resistance

Discover the Enlightening Power of Your Chakras

A 2,000-Year-Old Story of Feminine Spiritual Leadership

The Secret to Wellbeing

Find Your True Voice

Go From Stressed to Calm With This HeartMath Practice

Shaking to Calm & Center

Soothing Sound Bath to Calm Your Adrenals

What Is the New Currency?

Clarify Your Vision for Racial Justice

Sound Healing for Peace & Resilience

Shift From Trauma to Sovereignty

What Does Your Heart Want You to Know?

Gather Healing Power From the Universe

Deep Grounding for Times of Transition

Claim Your Power as a Wise Woman

Meditate on Your 3 Centers

Saraswati Mantra for Wisdom & Integration

Find Your Purpose & See Your Path

Connect With One of Your Spirit Guides

What’s in the Way of Your Purpose?

Journey to an Ancient Oracle

Your Purpose in a Post-COVID World

Shamanic Journey With the Animal Spirits

How to Connect with Your Personal Presence and Power

The Media Change That Can Ignite Social Change

A Strategy to Completely Reinvent the Planet

Mantras for Peace from the Ganges River

What Epigenetics Says About Your Genes & Your Power to Live a Life You Love

Growing Your Own Herbal Medicine

Your Role as a Visionary for a Better World

From Broken to Whole: A Journey to Healing Through Yoga

How Untold Stories Can Accelerate Social Justice

Building a Better Future with Political Diversity

A Little Encouragement Goes A Long Way

The Person in the Mirror of Projected Self-Love

Gifts From Ram Dass

The Power of Compassion & Non-Judgment

Ears of the Heart

The Most Amazing, Loving Gift I’ve Ever Received

How the Gift of a Dream Helped Write My Book

Cute Dogs & Their Universal Connection

The Beautiful & Mysterious Ways Blessings Come Into Our Lives

The Purpose of Life is the Expansion of Happiness

How Generosity & Patience Fueled Years of Positive Transformation

The Power of Reframing an Experience

The Unethical Accountant Saves The Day

The Life Changing Experience of Authenticity

How Wayne Dyer Changed My Life

Join Team Shift for the People's EcoChallenge

How I Started a New Life

The Gift of Rest

How Being "Kicked Out" Helped Me Step Into My Purpose

Paying It Forward Instead of Paying It Back

When Jack Canfield Paid It Forward

The Woman Mystic Who Absolutely Changed the Course of My Life

The Dying Man Who Changed Raja Choudhury's Life

The Resounding Value of Stepping Into the Unknown

The Catalyst That Completely Transformed My Life

Andrew Harvey's Secret to the Evolutionary Truth of Our Times

The Fire That Ignited My Marriage

The Unexpected Lessons an Antagonist Can Teach

The Impactful Awakeners of Life

The Power of "The" Voice

Receiving the Gift of Hope

The Positive Impact of Diverse Mentors

The Song That Walked Me Home

What I Learned When We Lost Everything